Proudly Sustainable.

Every bit helps.

Being a premier agency for large format printing comes with a whole lot of waste. Here at Wheelhouse Graphix, we believe it is our civic responsibility to ensure our scrap material is disposed of in a way that will preserve our planet

Eliminating our carbon-footprint is of great importance to us, and with plastic being one of our largest waste products, we could not rest comfortably knowing our by-products could end up discarded in a landfill, water shed, or ocean.

The future of all species are at stake, and their fate rests in the palms of each and every one of our hands. Pollution is a very real problem in today’s world, and us here at Wheelhouse Graphix believe it is only right for us to lead by example. We believe recycling is an important habit and lifestyle choice. 

We show love to the green movement to help the children of the world have a more abundant future. Our goal is not fanfare or spotlight but simply making the world a better place through sustainability.

Recycling is everybody’s responsibility, every bit helps.

As a trusted supplier of printed goods, it’s with heavy responsibility that we take every measure possible to go 100% green. Wheelhouse uses recycled plastic’s for signs, separating cardboard and ink to different areas, and even ditching one-use paper & plastic’s in the kitchen.

We can proudly say that we go above and beyond the standard in today’s printing climate. Wheelhouse Graphix is leading by example… If you haven’t already implemented an eco-friendly strategy to your professional life, do what’s right and help us start a revolutionRecycle the present, save the future.

Green Wheelhouse Graphix

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