2020 Signage Trends to Look Out For

With so many people relying on the internet for making purchase decisions along with all the hype of social media, it is not surprising that digital advertising is at the forefront of business marketing strategies. However, physical signage and making the right choices are just as important.

With the new year upon us, perhaps it’s time to carefully evaluate the signage currently used in your business. Signage sends a message to your customers, regardless of what type of business you have because it adds variety, which captures attention.

Updating signage periodically will entice customers to discover what other updates are taking place in your business. Determining how your building signage will correlate with the other parts of your marketing plan will help ensure continuity and properly emphasize the products or services you wish to highlight.

What's Trending in Signage

What’s Trending (and Changing) in 2020?

Signage should be legible, impressive, at attention grabbing. Font, color schemes, and style are all important factors in signage. The goal is to make it memorable and unique to your business so that it helps build your brand. Statistics indicate that 35% of customers learn about or remember a business from building signage.

To help you make the most of your signage, here is a list of the current trends for 2020.

#1 Go Minimal

Minimal means modern these days, and the minimalism trend is taking over in every industry. Signage is no exception, with this trend pushing signs away from bold, blinding colors and instead focusing on concise and clear messaging surrounded by branded, attention-grabbing, yet clean and distraction-free design.

In other words, your signs should be doing more with less.

#2 Fuel Creativity

Printed signage has long been used for more than mere promotional purposes (think directions and parking assistance both inside and outside of buildings).

However, more and more creative applications for printed graphics are emerging as organizations look to reinforce their brand and develop vibrant, immersive environments all while conserving space. That means signage should be widely used to attract customers without disrupting them.

#3 Get Outdoors

Get outdoors , Planet Fitness Stairs and Event Displays

Did you know that outdoor signage is expected to soar at a growth rate of more than 88% over the next five years? This reinforces the importance of various types of physical signage that goes beyond the traditional window stickers or roadside billboard.

For instance, many businesses are getting more creative with ad placement, like graphics placed on stair steps at college campuses, open-air shopping centers, and various commercial spaces.

#4 Improve Sustainability

New printing materials and recycling methods are beginning to bring the topic of sustainability to the forefront of the signage industry. What are you doing with your signage to help upkeep your brand’s dedication to sustainability and a lesser environmental impact? It’s something your customers care about.

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