Digital Displays: The Future of Signage!

We live in a modern world where capturing consumers is even more critical than ever, and digital signage can help you optimize that!

More than ever before, consumers are turning to the internet and their mobile devices to help them find places to go and stores to shop in. The attention span of younger shoppers is growing shorter and shorter.

People are instinctively drawn to high-quality digital displays and signage. Is your business doing everything it can to insight buyers to purchase once you have them in your store?

According to SalonSense, 60% of any buying decisions are made in-store at the point of purchase, and 30% of consumers acknowledge that digital signage and digital displays influence their decision to make a purchase.

Digital signage reaches almost 70% of Americans. It also boasts a much higher recall rate than both television advertising and radio advertising.

One of the most practical and convenient things about digital signage is that it can be changed extremely quickly and ahead of time. You can preload multiple images or advertisements ready to go on a predetermined schedule or rotation. Customers can be exposed to various ads while in-store.

Digital Signage Video Wall

Another great opportunity to offset the cost of digital signage is to use your business to advertise other products or opportunities for different organizations. You could sell 3rd party advertising space or even promote the deals and promotions of your suppliers, loyalty and reward programs, and much more.

Tips to get the most out of your digital signage!

To help you to get the most out of your onsite digital signage, we have compiled a list of tips from leading market experts!

  • Understand your clients and what they’re looking for. Use that information to create an in-store digital marketing display and schedule that utilizes that information.
  • Incorporate custom welcome messages using the time of the day, the season, special events, and holidays.
  • Advertise in-store only discounts and your royalty and reward programs.
  • Make the information educating and also entertaining. Think about movement, adding social media feeds, video clips, and banners.

Curious what digital signage could look like in your space?

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