Oxford Bank

Giving Wheelhouse Graphix the Credit They Deserve

Oxford Bank wants to grow your community as well as your credit

Oxford Bank, located in Lake Orion Michigan, has decided to revamp and reinvent its brand with the help of Wheelhouse Graphix. Geared around helping families, students, and community members Oxford Bank does this by providing the best banking and credit service they can give since beginning operations in 1884. “We believe that well-run organizations, on a fairly regular basis, should ask themselves why they exist.” says Oxford Bank, “And we are achieving this by changing with the times”. Wheelhouse Graphix has been an ally for Oxford Bank in this reach towards progress and provided them with the signage necessary for their branding and customized logos for their space.

When discussing the project, Oxford Bank came to the table with firm design ideas that only needed to be executed and created into an unforgettable product. Wheelhouse Graphix has a very talented and extensive graphics team that can make your idea a reality even if you don’t come to the table with a set idea, but since Oxford Bank has been around for 136 years it is easy to say that they are very established in their logo branding. However, Wheelhouse Graphix provides new materials, fresh ideas, a collaborative team, and installation expertise to ensure that all clients have their ideas become a reality.

Wheelhouse Graphix produced and installed several multi-layered PVC and Dibond artwork pieces and logos throughout Oxford Banks Rochester Hills locations. Our team also produced and installed decorative 3M frosted vinyl film that creates a classy privacy barrier for professional meetings, conferences, or staff endeavors. This material is available through Wheelhouse Graphix in different colors and custom designs/logos to provide a pleasant and comforting environment as the translucent glass diffuses light. Oxford Bank utilized this material and resource by incorporating it within their logo located on their doors, windows, and glass conference rooms.

While working with Oxford Bank our team members describe their experience as friendly and very community-oriented, “There are several historical images of the local area, so the “community feel” is very important and can be seen throughout the entire facility and through interactions with the employees and owners”. Working in an environment with such a deep-rooted history allows the members of the Oxford Bank staff to feel connected and unified as a team. It also helped to inspire the materials used in this project to represent the companies history, goals, and achievements in the right way. “You could tell that Oxford Bank cares about their customers and staff by the quality of their service, products, and commitment to their branding,” says Sean Flynn, our leading graphic installer.

“It is inspiring to see a small historical business thrive and grow because they are willing to make changes,” says a recent customer with Oxford Bank. “The changes they are making allows the space to feel more welcoming, modern, and up-to-date with the latest technology”.