Wheelhouse Graphix Never Stop Moving

Watch as We Move in the New Normal

With this past year being as chaotic as ever, we must begin to slowly unravel the restrictions in business and office spaces. As individuals start getting back to work it is important to keep the safety and comfort of all employees at the forefront of the company’s mind even if you or your co-workers are vaccinated. Movement, based in Clarkston Michigan, knows this better than anyone and is taking all the steps necessary to ensure a safe return.
With restrictions being lifted and people flooding back into the workspace, Movement wanted to make sure all of their employees felt safe and comfortable transitioning back into their everyday work environment. Using its vast resources, Movement uses its extensive knowledge and network connections to find the best talent possible for job positions; diversified recruitment services are easily achieved through Movements new and improved workspace created and designed by Wheelhouse Graphix.

Being safe and feeling comfortable is one of the most important things businesses should keep in mind. Wheelhouse knows this better than anyone! This is why our designers created felt dividers that provide the workspace with a safe and interactive barrier between cubicles. The felt provides a sound-absorbing effect that can be used for daily work tasks, phone calls, and projects. These dividers provide a personalized touch to the office space and can be customized with colors, logos, and shape cutouts. Movement utilized all of these options by incorporating their logo and color scheme to create a unified and productive atmosphere.

Wheelhouse Graphix has once again come up with a unique and creative solution to a problem that affects businesses every day. This new and creative side to the workplace generates productivity, offers safe collaboration, and overall just makes the workday more bearable. “I would say the dividers helped to make the company conscious of the personal space around them. They chose to do a custom pattern to look established and professional instead of just a plain square or clear divider” states Wheelhouse Graphix Team Member Sean Flynn. “Customization like this is not only an awesome way to build a company’s brand but is also so unique to what any other company does!”. So is your office space in need of a personal touch? Because if you have an idea…Wheelhouse Graphix can make it!

As we move back into the normal routines of going to work, shopping at the grocery store, and not having to wear masks in the department store we want everyone to feel relaxed and confident about the environment they are in. In doing this, you can create personal and business relationships when solidifying your brand and ultimately create something that makes you, your team, and your business memorable!