Market Pizza and Chicken

Wheelhouse Graphix Brings On the Cheese

Wheelhouse Graphix adds a little bit of cheese and chicken to the locally owned Market Pizza & Chicken

When looking for your next favorite pizza delivery place don’t hesitate to stop into Pontiac Michigans, Market Pizza and Chicken located in the Carnival Market Shopping Center. It includes everything from its popular homemade chicken & waffles to its unforgettable Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Made with all fresh and premium quality ingredients this small business is causing quite the stir in the chicken coop. 

Market Pizza and Chicken has begun a new project of solidifying their brand in the community by offering a vibrant and eye-catching environment for their customers. With the help and guidance of Wheelhouse Graphix, Market Pizza and Chicken has been able to grow its facility into a family-friendly experience full of memorable and delicious food for even the toughest of critics. With its wide variety of menu and catering options there is something for everybody at Market Pizza and Chicken. Your ability to personalize any and every dish in this diverse selection is inherently unique as a small and locally owned business. 

Wheelhouse Graphix was able to transform this space into a friendly and unforgettable experience by customizing a logo from scratch, creating eye-catching window decals, revamping the appearance of their menu, and implementing a 3-D logo cutout visible for every customer to see. “There is nothing more amazing than transforming a space into a new and fresh environment where customers feel welcomed to stick around for a while,” says Wheelhouse Graphix Executive Designer, Brandon Ash. “Being able to create a never before seen image for a company is what makes Wheelhouse Graphix and the companies we work with truly unique and innovative.”

Not only was the Wheelhouse team able to help transform the space but the customized logo created by Brandon Ash of a chicken holding a slice of pizza and pouring syrup on a waffle (a nod to the restaurant’s wings and buttermilk waffles, made fresh daily) opened creativity and branding for Market Pizza and Chicken. “Having the ability and freedom to draw and create a new and never before seen logo is why I love working with small businesses. They often want something personal and recognizable by any customer in the community. “ says Ash. 

This dynamic team up of Market Pizza and Chicken & Wheelhouse Graphix works to serve the community with premium food, unforgettable graphix, and a family-friendly environment. So stop by Market Pizza and Chicken to see marketing done both ways…with cheese and creativity.