Troy Clogg Landscape Associates

Things Are Always Greener On the Other Side

Wheelhouse Graphix Plants A New Beginning

As Wheelhouse Graphix has grown throughout the years we have dedicated our work as personal, easy, and creative guidance that can help to boost your company’s image or brand. Our team brings the passion and drive to create amazing graphics for any and all clients such as Troy Clogg Landscape Associates

Troy Clogg Landscape Associates, located in Milford Michigan, has been a successful landscaping company since the early ’80s. They are one of the largest landscape and snow removal companies offering residential and commercial clients landscape design and construction, as well as snow and ice removal for businesses throughout Southeast Michigan. Like Wheelhouse Graphix, TCLA has assembled a team of experts who excel at bringing beautiful and functional ideas to clients allowing them to become a leader in the landscaping industry. 

Wheelhouse Graphix was lucky enough to work with the amazing staff of Troy Clogg Landscaping Associates and create timeless graphics pieces that really exemplify the company’s values, products, and services. With the company colors of pink and blue, Wheelhouse was able to create one-of-a-kind vehicle wraps for their snowplows that stand out to anyone passing by or looking for snow removal assistance. This custom wrap includes a logo, location, contact information, and best of all an unforgettable color. 

Along with vehicle wraps, Wheelhouse Graphix also provided TCLA with new office space wall stickers, platinum engraved signage for indoors/outdoors, and also a customized 3-D cutout of their lobby logo. Wheelhouse Graphix provides customers with an abundance of materials to choose from such as plastic, metal, acrylic, and fabric to help bring any idea to life. Our team meticulously checks every order from top to bottom before it leaves the building to ensure that your receive the best quality and service that Wheelhouse Graphix has to offer. Using high-end materials and services will help to boost your companies profile and branding. Like TCLA, all of these new investments could provide your business with a distinguishable service vehicle, new and improved branding, or a fresh and comfortable space for clients and employees.

Wheelhouse Graphix believes in creating memorable and impactful experiences through unique designs. From working with landscaping companies to talented interior design firms, or even our own artists Wheelhouse Graphix believes we can deliver a space that attracts returning customers and happy employees. We want to help make your dream a reality by offering top-of-the-line service and expertise, fair prices, and top-notch customer service to fulfill all of your desired needs.

Like the Troy Clogg Landscaping Associates, we believe that your success is our success. So let’s start designing!