Great Lakes Roasting Company

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Great Lakes Roasting Company

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Great Lakes Roasting Company has many locations in the metro Detroit area and want to increase their brand presence in the local market.


Numerous point of purchase displays, large format logos, and rustic wood accents have increased GLCs brand presence and built of the foundation of brand excellence they have come to know well.

The Wheelhouse team worked with Great Lakes Roasting Company to increase their branding and display needs. Since they had many different projects, our team was able to work with them to create a cohesive look for their brand. Some examples of our work include custom printed chalkboards, large format logos, coffee point of purchase displays, stickers, and three-dimensional signs. For the 3D signs, our team had to get creative and find new ways to combine different materials in order to create a fun and fresh way for this company to show their brand to the community. Great Lakes Roasting Company happens to be our next door neighbors and a great client to work with, we love the continued relationship we have with them!


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