Giving Back: Wheelhouse Graphix teams up with Life Remodeled to Transform Neighborhoods

Life Remodeled brings communities and organizations together to revitalize local neighborhoods in an equitable and sustainable way.

Soon after Rick Reid joined Wheelhouse Graphix in early April 2021, he invited the CEO of Life Remodeled, Chris Lambert, to visit Wheelhouse Graphix to meet Jamie Ryder, Shauna Ryder, and Sean Flynn and tour the facility. Rick had been a past volunteer with Life Remodeled and developed a passion for the Life Remodeled mission which focuses on the revitalization of Detroit neighborhoods.

Jamie, Shauna, and Sean developed a quick rapport with Chris Lambert and the Life Remodeled mission as they toured Chris through the facility and Chris described Life Remodeled and his commitment to this as his life’s work. Immediately after meeting Chris, Jamie and Shauna felt this was a great mission for Wheelhouse Graphix to support and offered both in kind assistance and a company-wide volunteer effort to support the Life Remodeled 6-day project.

Wheelhouse Team volunteering for Life Remodeled
Wheelhouse Graphix volunteering with Chris Lambert and Life Remodeled to revitalize local neighborhoods.

Once each year, a 6-day project is organized. The 2021 Six Day Project was held October 4-9, focused on clearing blight from the front yards of vacant properties with an army of 3,822 volunteers from 173 businesses, churches, and other organizations. 150 blocks in four square miles of Detroit neighborhoods surrounding the Durfee Innovation Society were cleared.

Wheelhouse Graphix was one of 173 organizations that mobilized a team of volunteers on that muggy, cloudy afternoon on October 5th. The Wheelhouse team worked to remove blight on the city block between Fullerton and Lawton streets.

Everyone was sweaty and dirty at the end of the afternoon but felt a sense of pride and purpose by making a difference in this Detroit neighborhood. Wheelhouse Graphix looks forward to participating in the 2022 project and to further build upon its relationship with Life Remodeled.