Bringing Back The Spirit of Detroit

Ancora and Wheelhouse Partner Up

Founded in 2003, Ancora has been offering solutions and coverage for fixed incomes, mutual funds, and investments for fifteen plus years in the surrounding metro-Detroit area. Ancora has made it a mission to provide personalized services across all paths of wealth and status located in the surrounding cities. They are focused on helping you get more out of life by offering results-driven expertise and personalized service across family wealth, asset management, and retirement plans.

When working with Wheelhouse Graphix to create multiple wall murals for their Detroit-themed office space Ancora states that “They wanted to share the pride they had for the city of Detroit (metro-Detroit) and showcase their current client base.” We accomplished this by including images from Detroit’s Eastern Market as well as the famed Detroit Skyline. The team at Wheelhouse Graphix also created the “Partners in Growth” wall graphic that included some partner logos and a one-of-a-kind showpiece for any potential clients that enter the office space. “Although the office space was newly renovated we were happy to bring the walls to life,” says President/Head Graphic Installer Sean Flynn. “We added contemporary pieces of artwork to the conference room and fun elements like the “Peek-a-boo” Benjamin in the hallway by the kitchen.” Not only was the Wheelhouse team able to help transform the space but the customized logo opened creativity and branding opportunities for future endeavors

Ancora and Wheelhouse partnered together to bring the spirit of Detroit to Bloomfield Hills. By creating a variety of artwork and contemporary pieces, Wheelhouse was able to offer Ancora an abundant amount of options and templates that they believed would represent and elevate their brand. 

Wheelhouse Graphix works with clients to be a partner in the truest sense of the word, meaning we don’t work as a transitional business, we work with you to grow your business through marketing. Here at Wheelhouse, we work to champion your brand. What does that mean you might ask? Well through the use of visual graphics we aim to create a brand for you or elevate your existing brand. Our team works with you to think outside the box and give you the easiest process possible in order to turn your marketing dreams into reality. We work on a vast variety of projects that can exceed any and all of your expectations when it comes to improving your space. At Wheelhouse, we go above and beyond on every installation to make sure that everything is perfect.