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Picnic Basket MarketPlace

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A blank slate, Picnic Basket Marketplace was building a new grocery store… more than five times larger than the old store. With competition in the industry so fierce, they knew they needed an expert to guide them with a look and feel that was a step ahead of their competitors. They needed a décor and signage package that would help customers know Picnic Basket was something special.


The Wheelhouse team created a cohesive look to entice customers to view more products and have a mouthwatering experience.

With the opening of a brand-new store, Picnic Basket Marketplace needed signs and graphics for every department.  The Wheelhouse team worked hard to ensure the signs and art were cohesive with the company’s logo and brand.  Our team designed aisle directories, blackboard walls that allow employees to highlight the daily specials, as well as category signs for each department.  Wheelhouse also made overhanging trellises, a sign for the cheese section, and wall graphics for the catering department and wine cellar.  Window vinyl was placed outside of the store to highlight all the different selections that Picnic Basket has to offer.  A history wall was created to display the growth and evolution of Picnic Basket Marketplace in Plymouth over the past 50 years.  Popular landmarks in Plymouth were included with the pictures of the previous stores to further show the importance of the community to the owners of Picnic Basket.


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