Every Scene Needs a Setting

Does your space have a compelling background?

Backdrops are the unspoken heroes of any venue. Set the mood. Your walls can be more.

Ever wonder how musicals get those immersive backgrounds on stage? Wheelhouse specializes in vinyl wall wraps, banners, and self-standing displays so you can turn any boring wall or background into an atmosphere.

Wheelhouse created the huge, backlit Beyoncé ‘B’ for the background of the talent competition in the above image. Next to that, see the background and prop design work Wheelhouse produced for a stage play. Speeches, trade shows, venue décor, stage plays, musicals, and more. Ask us how you can take your venue or show to the next level!

See more of our work in event spaces here: https://wheelhousegraphix.com/who-we-serve/venues-events/


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