Belle Tire Hockey Arena

Belle Tire Archway Mockup

Belle Tire Hockey Arena

branding. printing. install.


Belle Tire Hockey Arena had a blank canvas they needed help creating show stopping experience for their guests.


Mixing current and alumni players our graphics team came up with dynamic graphics to cover the canvas.

The Wheelhouse Team worked with the arena owners as well as corporate executives from Belle Tire, to have come up with some creative mock-ups for the entrances and gathering areas inside the arena. Our goal with this project is to cover up any blank spaces as well as create a bigger brand presence for Belle Tire while showcasing the National Championship winning teams. The area employees as well as the executives were very impressed with the work we did for the designs. Bringing together a mix of old and new to create a cohesive brand. Photos of current and famous alumni players donned the halls to showcase their amazing athletes. Some of the mock-ups that we have created so far include large format banners, wall wraps, and window perf that will help achieve a new and exciting look for the arena.


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